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Being convinced of the benefits of the Montessori pedagogy, we were looking for a school that really represents it and corresponds to our values. We fell in love with this school, which has been present in Grenade for 22 years, long before the Montessori fashion. The directors and teachers are AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) trained. One of the directors has co-written several books in the Balthazar collection.

When I visited the first time, what an emotion! A house in nature, spaces where everything is at child level. A school we would have loved to go too! The children are respected in their individuality, listened to and free to learn at their own pace. The school functions like a small village where everyone does their part, the community is important and parents are included in the life of the school. My children (gs and ps) are blossoming and gaining confidence in themselves. They are curious, independent and free. The teaching is in English and French which is a real advantage! Regular personal and group meetings keep us informed of the child's progress, as well as an app on which the child's activities are recorded. Several social events are also organised throughout the year.

Emilie Chotin

My 6 year old daughter is not bilingual but attends this school only on Wednesdays - and yes it is possible - and has done so for 3 years. She has English in the morning and the afternoon is divided between nature and art. She LOVES this incredible place and the whole team that runs it. She ends her Wednesday with a smile on her face and lots to talk about. The teachers always listen to her, take the time she needs and make her learn in a playful way. It is important to stress that they are committed to a good education. They also ensure openness and kindness towards his other classmates. The atmosphere is so serene that you will be able to see the difference with a classical school - even a private one. If your financial means allow it, I recommend a complete schooling.

Marlene Camiade

Our daughter has been attending the Montessori International School in Grenade for 4 years now. She is blossoming every day. The teachers are attentive to the child's rhythm, caring and very well trained. The Montessori learning is completed by the bilingualism of the team which is a big plus. Our daughter, although her parents are French speaking, speaks perfect English. Half of the children come from other countries, which brings a real cultural mix that is very enriching.

Elodie Albert

Excellent school. Our daughter has been there for several years and we are very grateful for the education and attention she receives.

Elena Aucamville

This school is a little jewel! The children are happy here and learn in a solid manner, and often in more depth than in a normal school. They are introduced to standard learning but via methods that allow them to understand in depth. These methods and the fantastic teaching staff help them to develop their curiosity and love of work and learning. My children are always excited to go to school in the morning (1 in CE2 and 1 in MS). They are also exposed to a wide range of artistic, sporting and creative activities... all in a beautiful respect for each other and their environment. The school is fully bilingual, allowing the children to master and learn perfectly in English and French. The tuition fees are quite high as the school does not receive any aid, but the values and skills developed by the children are well worth it. I highly recommend it.

Remy Moune

Our son has joined the Montessori International School in Grenade this year in primary school. We are more than delighted and our son is blossoming like he has never been at school before! The teaching staff is fantastic: passionate and exciting, always caring and accompanying the children who can only learn well. All this in an extraordinary setting for a school. We are really delighted. Thank you

Isabelle de Andrade


An absolutely fabulous school for our two children ( 2 years and 6 years). Our eldest has been in school since he was two and we are very grateful to all the staff for protecting the children and parents when the complaints were published. The school was very responsive and transparent about the investigation. It immediately set up a psychological support service available to all and followed up with each family. A real compass in the storm worthy of great professionalism that reassured us, accompanied us and we stayed. Today, one year later, we do not regret our decision because our children are blossoming and for us parents serenity has returned. The new director is really professional, responsive and caring. The teachers are super qualified with a personalized learning follow-up which is great to know where they are, to follow their progress and their acquisitions in French as well as in English... my children love their little school.  Another particular point of this school is the very close-knit community of parents. There is a lot of mutual support and they organise a lot of events for new families and to give each other a hand! This helped us a lot when we arrived in Grenade.

Milo Gony

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