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Holiday camps

stages vacances

Our Holiday camps are open to all children who are curious to discover the Montessori pedagogy as well as its bilingual environment .

From 9 am to 4 pm / From 3 to 11 years old

Registration for holiday camps
No upcoming events at the moment
Our French / English bilingual holiday camps

Our holiday camps follow the same spirit as the rest of the school's bilingual Montessori pedagogy.

Our holiday camps are taught alternately by a French-speaking teacher and an English-speaking teacher.

English is taught in total immersion by an English-speaking Montessori teacher who transmits her culture as well as her language. The idea is not to "do hours of English", but to continue learning, or to discover an activity, a theme, in another language.

Each language represents a different cultural space that engages a new way of thinking, learning and acting. Immersion in a language stimulates neural connections and enhances the performance of the developing brain.

Activities for the development of the child

Our Daily program : (9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm):

1. 1 hour of Montessori material outdoors when possible.

Trained in the Maria Montessori pedagogy, our teachers will present the children with educational material with which they can learn about practical life, sensory life, language (reading, writing for the older children), mathematics or culture (history, geography, science) according to their wishes.

The idea is to use the Montessori pedagogy in an extracurricular setting, in order to offer learning that contributes to the development of the child.

The activities are oriented towards play and discovery to have fun and grow in confidence.

2. 1 hour of observation of nature and exploration on the school grounds.

How to respect nature?

How to grow and nurture a plant?

What is a weed ,a bush, a tree?

Starting a garden, weeding, watering ,caring.

What do I see? What doI hear? What can I smell?


3. 2 hours of art and cultural practice (from plastic art to geography or music through botany and peoples of the world ...

We are keen to offer our children an opening to the world. Thus, according to the seasons and holidays, we travel from one country to another, cook, dance and sing to the rhythms of each culture, in order to transmit values that are dear to us: tolerance, fraternity, unity.

Furthermore, our activities include a strong artistic dimension so that our children can develop all their potential (through drawing, painting, singing, dancing, etc.). The children learn to be creators of their own lives.

Meals, naps, day care


Parents will be asked to bring a lunch box and water bottle for their child's meal.

Nap time

The youngest children will have the possibility to take a nap in a room dedicated to them after lunch and to resume activities as soon as they wake up.

Day care

During the holiday Camp, childcare will be offered between 4pm and 5pm according to demand at a cost of 5 euros per hour.

During this time, the children will be able to play freely outside or inside. Toys (Kapla, modelling clay...) and books will be at their disposal, always under the supervision of a professional.


first 3 days of the first week of the school holidays (lunch box at noon)

180 € for students currently enrolled      

195 € for students attending another school 

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