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Parents role

le role des parents
About us

We strongly recommend to parents who wish to enrol their children to familiarise themselves with the Montessori method so they can have a better understanding of the team’s work and of their child’s development.

Meetings are organised every term so that parents can be informed of the classes’ progress, its working atmosphere and of projects planned for the school year.

Meetings in the wee class  (from two years old)

The fundamental principles of Montessori teaching are being introduced.


Concerns related to early infancy are addressed such as separation, adaptation, independence, language and feeding.

On-going progress in the class is being discussed.


Time is allowed for Q&A’s.

Meetings in the big class (3/6 years old)

The fundamental principles of the Montessori teaching are being developed.

The class is described at different levels :

- Its homogeneity
- The children's level of independence.
- The rhythm of work
- The children's level of concentration

- The integration of the younger children and of the new pupils is discussed, as well as the preparation of the older children for their transition to primary school.

The artistic, cultural & sociological projects that have been or will be dealt throughout the year are presented.

A moment of exchange is set aside at the end of the meeting for Q&A’s.


The Montessori workshop

All the parents are invited to come and explore the Montessori materials throughout an annual workshop.

The parents are organised in small groups and are invited to explore different materials that relate to the 3 to 6 years curriculum.

The teachers then go through the presentation and the explanation of the material connected to various areas of the Practical life, the sensorial approach, Language, Mathematics and Geography.

We strongly recommend parents to attend these meetings allowing them to understand their child’s progress and enabling them to participate to their best ability towards their child’s schooling.

Individual appointments

The teachers are available to meet parents on Wednesday mornings for individual meetings.

Presentation of one's profession, hobby or cultural tradition

Any parents who wish to talk to children about their profession, their culture or hobbies are welcome to do so in conjunction with the teachers.


This activity can take place during an afternoon for an hour.

Group of Parents’ representatives 

Supporting two-way information flow between parents and school :


By meeting regularly with the school’s staff, parents’ reps can keep families informed of any administrative or organisational developments at the school. 
Likewise for newly “joined-parents”, reps can answer a lot of practical or ‘technical’ questions related to the general running of the school such as where to buy school material. 

Organisational Support to school events :


Parents’ reps would support the staff in organising school events such as the Christmas party and the year end summer picnic. In agreement with the school staff, a certain number of tasks will be delegated to the parents reps, who in turn will contact other volunteer parents for completing the jobs. 


Social role :


Parents' reps serve an important integrating role in the fast-growing international community that is Toulouse. They organise social events where ’newcomers’ could meet ‘old-timers’ and learn from their experiences


How does the Parents’ Group work? :

We suggest having four parents’ reps, ideally two for each class.


According to the composition of different nationalities throughout the classes, the selected reps would ideally cover the most spoken languages such as French, English and German.

These reps are appointed for the full school year (from September to June) up to the following September when a new rotation will be organised. 

Ideally, a rep should have had a child at the school for at least a year so they know their way around. 

The parents’ reps would meet with school staff at least once a term. 

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