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“One of the greatest mistakes of our days is to think of movement by itself, as something apart from the higher functions [...] Mental development must be connected with movement and be dependent on it.”




The child in the wee classroom is welcomed by an English speaking directress and her french speaking assistant.


He goes from one activity to another with confidence, freedom and at his rhythm while interacting with others.


The material is ‘self correcting’: when it is used in an incorrect way, the child can see or feel his mistake and there by correct it. The directress guides the child and reassures him through his choices


The goals of the Wee Class are the development of social skills, sensorial exploration and the enrichment of verbal expression.


In the Wee Classroom, the child is introduced to ‘Practical life’ activities: pouring, opening and closing, screwing, pressing, grating, buttoning, rinsing, filling. Through simple movements of daily life, which the child practices to master, he develops his self-confidence and his concentration.


The sensorial activities offered by the Montessori materials allow the children to explore and refine their senses and thus acquiring a better understanding of their environment.


The material gives them a concrete experience of abstract concepts.

The ‘Grace and Courtesy’ lessons are presented and immediately put into practice so as to help the child develop a better social and spatial integration.

The first Language activities allow the child to flourish amongst two languages and to gradually express his thoughts using precise words.

The songs and the stories told in both languages enrich his memory and his imagination.


Music, gardening, art and gymnastics are practised as group activities throughout the year.


Eating habits, emotions, sleep and potty training are treated individually respecting every child’s development..

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