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What has happened in our school since March 2021?

As you know, March 2021 has been a very difficult and painful month for the children, parents and teaching staff.  We had to deal with a very serious situation, two members of staff were the subject of complaints of sexual abuse of children in the school. After the violence of the shock, we took our responsibilities to ensure the continuity of teaching in the best possible conditions for all the children.

The measures put in place, our desire to continue the education of our pupils in accordance with our values and pedagogical objectives, the confidence of the parents of the 50 pupils enrolled to date and the progress of the children who come to the school with pleasure push us to move forward. Also, despite all the emotional tensions and anxieties we have experienced, we continue to hold high the commitments and principles that have animated us for 23 years. Each child in our school continues to blossom at his or her own pace, supervised by a competent teaching team that is attentive to the needs of each child in a strong listening relationship between the child and the adult.


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Open Letter May 2021


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